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[ROM] Feiyu 4.22 0506 for Ainol Hero10

Aloneday Soceity



* Based on modified source code compiler


* upgrade Android version to 4.22


* too low to amend the charging parameters


* Fixed video proportion increased CIFS support


* Increased ordinary usb handle Xbox360 usb handle support


* increase CP210X a the pl2303 module supports


* etc / init.d boot script support


* support for full-screen mode


* increase CPU mode setting


* Remove the cheat code to run sub


* Added gesture navigation features


* Support The default interface with tablet interface conversion


* Power menu to restart and full-screen switch


* volume buttons and screenshots button of the navigation bar optional


* Media Player subtitles enhancements


* change the original home button to press back, long at home


* WiFi standby policy correction, off-screen to stay connected


* Fixed settings can not obtain detailed power consumption information


* Fixed the lack of official firmware the contacts application error






* Edit build.prop file ro.statusbar.volume items control the volume button to turn on or Close


* edit build.prop file the ro.statusbar.screenshot item control capture button to open or close


* Google services are not included in the firmware, to install itself or to wait for the release separate Google service pack




Known issues:


* camera 5M pixel camera problems, switch to 3M or 2M


* light sensor is not working properly




problem progress:


* Known issues related to driver layer and HAL layer, and the the HAL

layer file is precompiled, we can only repair and other aspects of AML,

Not surprisingly, then, the next version to fix






* new firmware partition format, there will only be the MTP and PTP mode, mass storage mode, such as care Do not brush


* Brush the risk of bricking, you do not have the ability of making the repair card, please do not continue


* Brush ago Please keep adequate power, low battery erase flash memory exists the risk of bricking


* brush this opportunity to clear the flash file, please do backup Brush ago







firmware packages:


Mirror : http://d-h.st/zjA



hero package V2:


Mirror : http://d-h.st/6nS

Google services:





To Install :


1. Extract fire_0506_hero_pack_v2.zip in to external sdcard and copy firmware package + gapp too.


2. Power off and reboot into STOCK recovery (Power+Volume Up Combination)


3. You MUST WIPE data and cache because partition layout was change to ext4 (I think..)


4. Flash Firmware package , hero pack and gapp in step then reboot




Things which I found


1. Internal Storage and Application Install space merge together like other 4.22 android phone


2. No More Mass Storage Mode , only MTP (Because of 1)


3. It will LAG when open WIFI. I don't know why but I think because of

wifi driver (From my observation process dhd_dpc consume very high cpu

which related to WIFI)




To back to CM10.1 or other ChistianTroy rom you must install stock rom and wipe data partition first.

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