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[rom] AOKP 4.2 for Elf II, Aurora II, Crystal, Flame Fire + Hero (2013/07/12)

Aloneday Soceity
Aloneday Soceity
IP: 182.52.216.x
4 ปีที่ผ่านมา

AOKP 4.2 for Elf II, Aurora II, Crystal, Flame Fire 2013-07-12
- update



* If your device has only a front camera you won't have a camera launcher icon, but you can install this app


* Grab TWRP recovery from this thread, unzip it and put uImage_recovery in the root of the external MicroSD card.
* Put rom (aokp_elf2_unofficial_$DATE.zip) and gapps (gapps-jb-$DATE-signed-ubifs.zip) files inside internal or external sdcard.
* Turn on the tablet keeping pressed VOL- and POWER untill you see the green droid.
* If this is your first install flash this file that will format /system, /data and /cache partitions.
* If you wanna wipe internal memory content you can flash this file.
* NEVER flash this two "wiping" zips file posted above if you're using an EXT4 partitioned device, in this case just do a "Factory reset" from TWRP.
* Flash rom (aokp_elf2_unofficial_$DATE.zip), gapps (gapps-jb-$DATE-signed-ubifs.zip) and, the required compatibility zip.(and the eventual "MultiUser zip" if you're using a "MU" comp zip).
* Now select "Reboot system".
* Enjoy AOKP!

Download Links


* Some changes under the hood, report if anything SOD related has changed
* Added ExFat support
* Updated upstream sources

Rom (md5sum)
MultiUser zip
Gapps 2013-03-01

Compatibility zip (remember to flash the "MultiUser zip" if you're using a MultiUser comp zip)

* Aurora-II  1.2.3
* Aurora-II MultiUser (ext4) 2.0.2

* Elf-II link
* Elf-II MultiUser (ext4) link

* Crystal link

* Fire link
* Fire MultiUser (ext4) link

* Hero link


Various Zenithink devices link

Mediacom 860S2 and 870S2 link



* If you wanna use a USB bluetooth device flash this zip after each rom update (flash it after the comp zip, practically as last file). It supports only CSR devices, they can be identified typing
"lsusb" from an app like "terminal emulator": the supported device will be present with an entry like "Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0a12:0001" ("0a12:0001" is the supported VID:PID). Do not boot with the bluetooth plugged in; plug it once you booted to android.

* If you don't like Nexus 7 fingerprint and wanna use SGS-II instead flash this zip. Remember that changing fingerprint may screw Play Store, if it happens you'll have to perform a "wipe data / factory reset".
* WiFi now can stay enabled with display turned off. Note that if WiFi is enabled the tablet won't enter deep sleep so if you're more interestead in battery life instead of an always on WiFi change policy (on "Advanced" WiFi settings) from "Always" to "Never".
* Internal memory is mounted at /storage/sdcard0, external sdcard is mounted at /storage/sdcard1. If you wanna swap them (and make primary your real microsd) just flash this file after flashing rom's zip (you have to do it everytime you flash a new version of the rom and it is incompatible with multi user)
* If you wanna format your internal memory (it's corrupted, filled of crap, etc.) just flash this file from CWM / TWRP.
* It's better if you don't change governor because the included "ondemand" has been customized to support "boostpulse" feature of jelly bean power hal. You can control min/max cpu frequency with display on/off editing these entries in /system/build.prop file (they're listed with their default value): "ro.sys.min_cpu_on=408000", "ro.sys.max_cpu_on=1200000", "ro.sys.min_cpu_off=96000", "ro.sys.max_cpu_off=1008000".

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